After waited and waited for baby KK’s arrival, finally our little KK was born on the due date, Dec 6th, when she’s exactly 40 weeks old.

KK came out at the perfect time just seemed she knew her daddy was super busy during the time with his work and school. She waited till her daddy finished his final exam for his MBA class. Hon submitted his final exam on Dec 4th, then on dec 4th mid night, I started to feel a mild contraction throughout the whole night. It’s not painful but just a light cramping. So the next morning, on Dec 5th, we brought our hospital bag and went to hospital. We were thinking baby must be on her way out now.

As we went to Labor & Deliver Department, we registered at the front desk, had my urine sample to the nurse, and changed to a hospital gown. We stayed in the Observation Room. While waiting for the midwife, Nurse set up the machine to monitor my baby heart beats and my contraction activities. I could see the graphs from the computer that as my contraction came, there’s increased slope and then it decreased as the contraction faded out. You could also figure the frequency of my contraction from the graph. About 20 minutes later, the midwife came in. She checked the contraction graphs and my cervix. I was exciting and nervous to know what she will say. I felt I was ready for giving birth. However, the midwife said the contraction didn’t come consistently and plus I was not dilating yet. I was a bit disappointed because I can’t wait to give birth to our daughter. So we got sent back home right away. It was false alarm! 😦

So we got back home and I continued to walk more at home just to hope it will expedite my contraction. Only one day till my due date, I didn’t want to go through the NST and induced labor. Around 8pm on Friday night, Dec 5th, my contraction came back and gets a bit stronger than the night before. I started to record down the time and time intervals for each contraction. This went on that night, I tried to sleep around 10pm but I couldn’t due to the contraction pain. I rolled around in the bed, there were times I had to get up the bed and had my body lean forward on the bed. This position seemed helping me to relieve the pain a little bit better. For the whole time until 1am in the morning, I couldn’t sleep at all. The pain came and gone, and came back again. Finally, I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. So we packed the hospital bag and headed to hospital again at 1:30am on Dec 6th.

When we arrived to the hospital, we did the same drill and had the doctor came to check on me. I was wishing I could get admitted to hospital and started my delivery as soon as possible. However, the doctor said I only dilated for 1cm at this point. According to Kaiser policy, they can only accept patients if their dilation is at least 3cm. The doctor said I would need to go home again. Both me and hon were disappointed for this policy as I had so much pain but there was nothing we could do. A minute later, doctor checked my amniotic Fluid. It took her quite some time to check and finally she said the fluid was quite low. She said she had to admit me to the hospital and had me being monitored closely. Both of my hon and I were happy for the admission. This means I will be delivered soon if my dilation progress fast enough.

So I was transferred to a private labor room around 3am on Saturday, Dec 6th. As they set up everything and had me monitored, finally hon and I could have a bit rest. During the whole time, my contraction got stronger and stronger. I tried my best to hold all the pain. But it was not easy as the contraction came more and more often. I wanted to have epidural. But nurse and midwife said it was recommended to inject when my dilation reached to 3cm. So the whole night I was in pain, terribly. When the midwife came to check my dilation at 7am, I was disappointed to know I was only dilated a little bit, like 2cm. Until the morning time around 8am, I requested for a IV pain medication. I was put into sleep. However I still felt the contraction pain. The pain in the morning was worse than ever. I was sweating and tried to hold the pain. I could sense the surrounding environment and knew what people are doing, but I can’t respond to anything. I could see hon tried to wipe my sweat on my forehead and face and I could see he was walking around me. I also knew nurses coming in and out constantly. But I was so drowsy that I couldn’t control on anything. Then I started to get anxious, scared and nervous. I tired my best to open my eyes and sit up on the bed. I requested the nurse that I didn’t want to take the medication anymore. But nurse said she already did and she couldn’t stop the injection now. I was so drowsy but in the meantime, I was scared to fall into sleep. I heard one of the nurses said no one should have woke me up and now I was trying to fight with the medication. What came next was that I kicked everyone out from the labor room. I told the nurses to step out for awhile. Only hon left beside me. Then I turned on the piano music from the YouTube and tried to calm myself down and fell into sleep. But it didn’t work at all. At last, I asked hon to step out the room as well. So I was alone in the labor room and I wasn’t sure till when that everyone came back in again. But hon told me afterward that he was kicked out by me for 30 minutes. Well, I know it sounded funny that I kicked everyone out the room during my labor.

Around noon time, I requested epidural after suffer in pain for the whole night and whole morning. Since then, I finally had a good rest and sleep without the sensation of contraction pain as my lower body was numb. I was regret for not getting epidural earlier. Another good news was my dilation had reached to 7cm around noon time and 9.5cm around 5pm on Saturday. I was so delighted to know this. Because it meant I was almost ready to push and see my baby soon.

Around 6pm, I started to feel the pressure of pushing as contraction came. I didn’t feel the contraction pain but the pressure was terrible as well. Nurse said it takes couple hours to push the baby out for some people. I got scared and I really didn’t wanted to take it anymore. I had enough pain for the whole day. As I tried to push, I feel so much pressure. I then requested the midwife and nurse that I wanted a cesarean birth instead. I was totally giving up on natural virginal birth at that time. I couldn’t take it anymore. The surgeon came in and explained the pros and cons of having cesarean delivery. They all encouraged me to continue pushing since I had gone this far. They didn’t want me to give up at the last minute. So I tried to push again, then hon said he could see baby’s hair now. That means her head is on the way out. At this point, there’s no way I could have cesarean delivery anymore. So I followed the midwife and nurse instruction in breathing and pushing. I was squeezing hon’s hand as I pushed. After about 20 minutes of effort, baby KK finally delivered and I was feeling such a relieve now. When they place baby in my chest, I was so happy to see our baby and now i could finally hold her in my arms. I was also glad that I didn’t give up and everyone encouraged me not to.

So the following two days, I stayed in hospital for the recovery. However, there’s another issue came up. My neck and my head were in pain due to epidural. I was having terrible spinal headache and my neck was tense that I couldn’t even move my neck. Whenever I get up the bed, I felt the terrible headache. So I ended up lying on bed for the next two days. I couldn’t get up to take care of baby. Thank god hon was there with me for the whole time. He was the one who took care of me and our baby. He was the one who learned from nurse how to feed baby and change diaper. He was the one who got up in the middle of the night to feed baby and temper her to sleep. I know it was not easy for new parents like us. Until the day we got discharged from hospital, I had another epidural procedure by the anesthetist. He did the blood patch on my spinal core so I no longer could experience the spinal headache and neck pain. I am glad that I did this procedure though I was extremely scare. Right after the procedure, I immediately felt the effect. The spinal headache and neck pain were gone right away. I was so happy I got back to normal. Now I was ready to go home and take care of our baby KK.

Now it’s been a week since baby KK was born. Things were not easy as being first time parents. Though we thought we had everything ready for baby, but we didn’t. So hon went out for some baby shopping. For me, I stayed home resting. I mostly bed rest now since I had some back pain. Thank god my mom in law was here and family helped us. They had taken care of me and baby KK through the whole time. Now I feel much better comparing to last week. With all the chores of taking of baby, I am pretty busy as well. Especially night time, both hon and me got up and feed baby as well as changing diaper. I know we both are lack of sleep. So I tried to take a rest while baby is sleeping.

There are times that both hon and I couldn’t believe that we became parents already. And we couldn’t believe that this little adorable girl KK is our daughter. This is a turning point in our life too. We now have more responsibilities. But I am sure we will enjoy the journey of parenthood and we will learn to be a good parents. I just wish our little KK be a healthy and happy girl as she grows up. 🙂

Awaiting Baby Arrival

Only 4 days till my due date, I have not had any labor symptoms yet. My other two friends just had their babies delivered last Friday. One of them has the same due date like me and another one is 10 days later than mine. They both have early delivery. Now I am counting down everyday and wonder when my baby KK will pop out. It’s been almost three weeks since I took leaves from my work. I thought baby will arrive earlier than due date. Yet my KK is so comfortable inside me and doesn’t want to come out too early. 🙂

Had a checkup with doctor, baby is doing fine. It is just not the time yet. I was recommended to walk more everyday to increase the chances of contractions. I also try to do some light exercise and breathing practice. Honestly, I feel I am never ready for labor. I am nervous though I want to see my baby so bad. Those two friends who just delivered their cute babies told me contraction is painful. This made me more nervous as I am not a good pain barrier person. I would get super nervous even just for drawing blood. Knowing labor will take you hours or days to experience the contractions and pushes, I hope I won’t end up cesarean delivery after all these painful experience. Many people said my baby will be a big baby according my bump size. Well, all I wish is baby being healthy.

Baby clothes have been washed, organized in a new white dresser. Baby crib is ready as well. Other baby necessaries are ready and all we need is the arrival of our baby. If baby doesn’t arrive after the due date, I will need to go through the NST (Non-stress Test) next Monday. My doctor will monitor the baby and see if I have any contractions. If baby is overdue one more week, I will be induced for labor & delivery. By then, baby will be a lot bigger inside the womb. It will be more difficult to have natural vaginal delivery. Though it is normal to have labor & delivery in 41 week or 42 week, but it might be more complicated than early delivery. Please pray baby KK will arrive soon this week.

Now as days go by and I am waiting at home everyday, I try to enjoy the last days before KK arrives. I finished reading couple books in the last three weeks after I took leaves from work. I also did some shopping and cleaning up house as well. In the meantime, I took sometime staying in coffee shop & book shop for reading and book browsing. I really enjoy the time in the coffee shop inside the book store and reading my books while enjoying a cup of decaf coffee. I feel accomplished and it might be the only time i could sit quietly to read a book before our baby arrives. However, my bump is getting heavier each day, I sometimes have difficult time to stand up and walk. My left leg hurt a bit as I feel the vein is being stretched. I also experience hard time to get up from the bed. I have a bit edema too. When I look at the pictures I took recently, I look like a balloon. A few small pimples also appear on my forehead as well. I guess it is never easy to look good in late pregnancy. 😛

It’s been long time that I have not posted my preggo pictures here. Below are some pictures I took. For the past months, it has been eventful. There were many activities each weekend. Hanging out and meeting friends, Birthday celebrations, baby showers, and even a wild fun bachelorette party for a friend who will marry early next year. All parties are wonderful and I am glad to party this much before baby arrived. I feel it’s a baby-bachelor party for me too. haha. Once baby arrives, life will be different. At that time, perhaps our weekend activities will be strolling in park with babies, zoo visiting, baby gatherings with other friends’ babies, etc. It will be a totally hella different type of fun in the future despite baby cryings, diapering. 😀

Time goes very fast, I wonder if this will be the last post for this year and the last post before KK arrived? I don’t know. Perhaps maybe. Now our families are counting down the arrival date for baby KK. It is exciting but nerve wracking at the same time as I don’t know when she will be pop out. Please, will you arrive soon? 🙂

Merry Early Christmas to you all. Our baby KK will be the great Christmas gift for us this year!!




my Halloween custom at work. A Pregnant Minion 🙂


Hubby’s surprise baby shower at his work…



coffee, reading in a coffee shop inside a big book store. Love it so much.



my baby shower at work that hosted by my coworkers.



this is the most recent picture i took. It was taking on 11/30/2014, when I am 39 weeks 1 day pregnant.


this is the most recent picture i took. It was taking on 11/30/2014, when I am 39 weeks 1 day pregnant.


this is the most recent picture i took. It was taking on 11/30/2014, when I am 39 weeks 1 day pregnant.





















Almost There

Haven’t been posting for two weeks as I was super busy lately. We were planning and shopping for our baby shower. This was our very first baby shower that was held at our house. So many need to prepare to accommodate approximately 60 to 70 guests. I also spent lots of time searching in Internet and tried to brainstorm the decorations for our first baby shower party. It was fun but overwhelming as well. As time getting closer, I still haven’t gotten any decoration kits for the party. The worse thing was we haven’t decided the foods at all. We seemed have loads of good ideas but the reality is we were having hard time to finalize all decisions. Thankfully we have our friends who are here with us and help us with all decorations. All decorations came out perfectly and I really love how we made the photo booth. We took lots of beautiful pictures with the photo booth and props. So cute and funny. At the end of the day, I was extremely tired. My back and heels are super sore. I have been standing long time for the whole day. I feel like it was our wedding day couple years ago, that we both felt exhausted at the end of the day though we had a great time. Not to mention the following week, I was totally running out my energy. My pelvic hurt when I walked. I felt so sleepy and tired everyday at work though I tried to sleep early every night. So the past weekend, I was just staying at home and resting as my pelvic still hurt. I feel my energy didn’t recharged until now after the good rest weekend. Thank god, I am feeling much better now and the pelvic pain seem going away now. I have never felt this tired in my life due to my pregnancy.

Today is my 34 weeks 3 days of pregnancy. Couple more weeks, I will reach week 37. I can’t wait! Only one month to go and I will see baby KK soon. I am so looking forward to see my baby and Christmas holiday this year. I wish I will have a smooth delivery.

Lately, I am getting tired easily again. I would want to take a nap in the middle of the day. I don’t feel like eating a lot either. If I do, I eat more sweet foods such as ice cream, cakes or juice. I hope thee will not increase my sugar level. And I don’t my baby will be born with too large size.

Here at some of the pics from the party.







31 Weeks of Pregnancy

Time flies, I am almost reaching 8 months of pregnancy. My mom told me I was born when I was only 8 month old in her womb. I am quite worried I will have preterm delivery as baby would have high risk if born too early. I hope I can at least reach to November delivery. One of my friends just gave birth at her 34 weeks of pregnancy as her water broke. Thank god both baby and mom are doing well.

My appetite for this week changed to be bread type of food. I am craving for sandwiches. I crave for subway sandwiches and Vietnamese French sandwiches. I eat them for lunch and dinner. However, I choose the healthier sandwich from subway. I love the grill chicken one with avocado. It tastes so delicious and I am able to finish a one foot long sandwich. But the downside is it contains quite high sodium in one sandwich and the chicken is not as fresh due to the time of preparing the chicken, freeze the chicken and deliver to the franchise stores. I will try not to eat as much as I can. On Friday, we went to eat Mediterranean cuisine. I ate a lot of pita bread. It’s never tasted so good as this time. Warm and fresh pitta with the special made spreading, was my favorite in the meal.

As I am typing. Baby KK is rolling inside my tummy. She must enjoy the banana rainbow cereal I just had earlier for my breakfast. I will go to see doctor tomorrow. I want to see baby KK from ultrasound so bad. I wonder how big she is now and if everything develops normally. After this visit, I will return for check up every two weeks as I am already hitting 32 weeks. Soon I will be seeing doctor every week and baby KK will be delivering soon in about two month. I have a feeling she’s coming out earlier than my expected date. I am exciting and at the same time I am worried of the delivery process. Please pray it will be a smooth delivery.

Our baby shower is only two weeks away. Lots of plan need to be done by next week. I am thankful my friends can help us for the decorations. We also need to check out the catering as we are expecting approximately 50 or 60 people attending the baby shower in our house. I can’t wait for that day and we will take lots of pictures definitely.

I still have some difficulty on breathing when I sleep. Sometimes I feel so dehydrated and can’t breath well in the office. So I always need to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit. Sometimes when I talk to clients on the phone, I feel myself is short of breath, which give me hard time to speak sometimes. I hope I will get better and feel better soon.









My 30th Week

Today I am reaching my 30th week of pregnancy. It is hard to believe I am finally here at 30 weeks. Two more months, I will give birth to our baby KK. I did feel fear in the past week as I thought of the painful delivery process. I am scared of a long tough delivery. Somehow lately I am having difficulty to breath in sleeping. When I lie down on the bed or couch, I couldn’t breath well. I feel something stuck in my throat and causing me breath hardly. I feel uncomfortable and always feel stuffy inside the house. So I need to turn on fan or sit next to window to feel the breeze air from outside. Though others feel cold with the air at night, I just feel it is perfect as I feel much more comfortable. I am definitely worried how breathless I would feel during my delivery. I am scared that I will feel uncomfortable as I always gets extremely nervous when I see doctors. I remember last time we went for teeth deep cleaning at the dental office, my dentist injected anesthetic for me. My facial areas became numb shortly and I started to feel nervous. I feel uncomfortable as I couldn’t breath well. I had to stop my dentist’s process. I sat up and drank some water to help myself relaxed a bit. I did manage to finish the cleaning process, but it was very bad experience. I hope I won’t feel nervous in my delivery. 😦

Besides the breathing problem, tiredness and appetite are another issues this week. I feel tired when I get back home from work. I didn’t want to do anything at all. Not even eating because I don’t know what to eat. I cooked but I just don’t feel like eating after all. So I only eat a little bit and I sleep early too. My appetite changed from the past week.

We went to my friend’s wedding today. It’s my first time attending wedding with big tummy as well as baby KK’s first time too. It was beautiful wedding. This couple is one of the cutest couple I’ve known. Their future children will be so cute as they are mixed of Japanese, Caucasian and Chinese Vietnamese. How beautiful it is, right? As we were in the wedding, hon said he’s reliving our DNW wedding again. Sure enough I am too! I miss our wedding a lot. I always told hon I want to marry with him again, maybe a re-vow when we are old? Haha. 🙂

KK was moving a lot last night. I even video recorded my tummy movement as she kicked from inside. My whole tummy was shaking as she moved. How nice it is I could record the moment. I will show her the video when she gets older. :p

The location of our baby shower has been set. It will be held at our house. We also invited our friends and families to our baby shower event. Everything is going well. But now we need to decide how to decorate our house and what theme it will be. Thank god my friends will be helping us with the decoration. Otherwise it will be a super hassle for us. There are lots to do as the event is only three week away. I need to do some serious shopping and researching.

A craft friend also suggested to have a scrapbooking party for all our preggo friends. I love this idea as I haven’t started my pregnancy scrapbook yet though I bought the album for awhile. I need to select and print out some pictures, as well as purchasing other scrapbooking tools. This is going to be my very first scrapbook in my life and it is dedicated to baby KK!! 🙂

Baby KK, can’t wait to see you soon!!!








29 Weeks of Pregnancy

Now I am 29 weeks pregnant. Not sure if it’s due to pregnancy or just the increased temperature weather lately, I always feel hot and sometimes I have hard time breathing. I drink plenty of water to keep myself from dehydration. I always drink water and barely drink any other sugary fluid. Because I believe water is the best hydration drink as I don’t want to intake too much sugar in my diet. Plus, how reliable are the drink labels out there if they indicated added nutrients? I would rather make my own fruit smoothie with no sugar added or a jar of banana & mixed nuts milk smoothie will give me lots of nutrients as well. More importantly, I know exactly what I am drinking as I create the recipes. I feel more confident in this way to ensure my baby is not receiving unnecessary unhealthy foods.

As I am entering the third trimester, I feel myself gets hungry more. Only one and half hour after I have my dinner, I started to feel starving again. So one night I had two pork buns and one cake following my dinner. I couldn’t believe myself to be this hungry. But well, I told myself that baby KK wanted to eat more! :p

For the whole week, we were planning our baby shower party and our baby registry. As first time parents, we had no clues what we should prepare or what we should add to the registry. But thank god, I have people around me who are experienced so I got some advices from them. Now our registry is 90% done. The only thing we need to decide is the location of the baby shower party. As we visited the park near our house, we perhaps mostly will switch our plan in the park to be at our own house. I think it will be more convenient and comfortable for our friends and families as some of them have little children. I can’t wait for our baby shower party. But there are lots to be prepared. In the next couple weeks, I have two baby showers to attend. How exciting it is!! In the meantime, I could get some ideas on how to host our own baby shower with the helps of our friends. It will be fun!!

I still have not been exercising until now. So sometimes we tried to walk around some department stores or markets after dinner. And today I cleaned up the house and did the laundry as part of my exercising goal. I did get sweaty and moving & walking a lot at the house. I believe this counts as exercising too, right? 🙂

We can’t wait till Baby KK arrives soon!!! 🙂








Happy 7 Months

Now I am exactly 7 month pregnant. Both my friend and I are entering the third trimester the same time.  We are also planning to take some pregnancy shoots sometime later.  I am exciting and can’t wait.  Yesterday we went to little Mason’s birthday party.  Kids were playing in the jumper with water.  They had so much fun.  I wish my baby KK was here and played with them as well.  Two more months, baby KK will arrive and join our family.  In the next months, we will be busy with friends’ baby showers and baby KK’s baby shower.  Also we need to prepare baby crib and other nursery items by the end of November.  Plus, we have already made a reservation for the hospital tour in early November.  It will be busy and fun months ahead of us.  I hope my third trimester is smooth so I could help with the baby preparation before KK arrived.

I feel my Feet are a bit swollen now.  And I feel hot for most of the time. This is quite normal during pregnancy.  Baby KK is more active during day time now comparing to past months.  I could feel she’s kicking whole day when I am working.  Before I could only feel her kick when I lie down.  Lately even when I am sitting, I could feel her moves constantly.  She must be growing bigger with longer arms and legs so I feel the kicks more obviously.  🙂

I started to drink a bit of green smoothies again.  But I don’t drink it everyday and I don’t overindulge it.  Before I was pregnant, I drank green smoothies everyday.  The reason I don’t do it now is due to the pesticides of the veggies and fruits.  I don’t want to have these harmful bacterias get through my baby directly.  Though we bought the veggies from the farmers market, I am still worried even I always wash it thoroughly.  I also try not to eat too spicy and any foods that are preserved.  I do feel guilty when I had the spicy meals.  But I crave for it sometimes.  😦

I sometimes feel so tired after walk up to the stairs.  I have not exercised at all over the pregnancy period.  Sometime I just walk a bit after dinner but a lot of time I feel so tired after work and dinner, so I barely walk enough.  I usually walk more during weekend as we went out so it creates opportunities for me to walk more. I guess I should exercise more from now on.

Baby KK is kicking me again as I am typing now. Hehe… 🙂








My Green Smoothie: Kale, Orange, Green Apple, Peach & coconut Milk.
My Breakfast.  I made the spinach/tomato omelet.  and a cup of coconut milk.

My 27th Week of Pregnancy

It’s 27th week now.  I can’t describe how happy I am to get this far.  I went for a three hours glucose blood test.  I was worried and couldn’t wait to know my test result.  At the end of the day, the result was out and thankfully it was normal.  Finally, I am no longer need to worry too much on my sugar diet. 🙂 so the next day, I treated myself a cup of frozen yogurt with fruits.  However, the Complete Blood Count result showed that my HGB and HTC level were a bit lower than normal range.  Thus doctor recommended me to take iron pill from now on.  Thank god, the iron pill is tiny, a lot easier to swallow than the prenatal and calcium pills.  However, I am getting a lot better on taking medications now.  I remember when I was just pregnant, I couldn’t swallow the big pill.  Many times I ended vomiting.

Starting next week, I will need to keep track of baby kick counts everyday.  Baby KK kicks more often in the night time and the morning time when I am awake.  Sometimes she kicks a lot during the whole night.  I am delightful to feel each kick of her.  This ensures that she’s healthily growing.

One more week, the 2nd trimester is over and I will enter the 3rd trimester soon.  How time files, the last trimester of my pregnancy!! I was told that nausea may come back in 3rd trimester for some pregnant women.  I hope I won’t experience the nausea again as I had a very difficult time during the first trimester. I couldn’t eat well.  Please pray I will have a smooth third trimester.  Baby will also grow much bigger day by day in the last trimester.  My pregnant friend who has a 6 year old son told me that the last two months of pregnancy will be very tiring as the baby weights add on each day, the mom will have difficult time in sleeping.  This might also cause back pain over time.  Well, it is really not easy to be pregnant and be a mom.

I will enjoy the last week of honeymoon period in second trimester.  Wish all my friends who are pregnant with me at the same time will have a easy smooth third trimester as well.  Now hon and I are planning our baby shower as more and more baby showers are coming one by one throughout the last couple months of the year.  It is going to be exciting to attend my friends’ baby showers. 🙂

It is Chinese Moon Festival tomorrow.  I am happy I will be able to eat moon cakes as usual since I don’t have gestational diabetes.  How happy I am now!!! 😀

I received an email from the sales manager in Hilton Hotel this week.  She was the person who helped us throughout our DNW wedding back in 2011.  She congratulated us for our baby girl.  I was very happy to see her email and it is so sweet of her sending a warm message to me even after years of our wedding.  My friend who will marry next year and happened to be held in the same Hilton hotel, told me that our DNW wedding picture was in the center of the sales manager’s photo board in her office.  How nice it is!! All these little things reminded me of our DNW wedding day.  It seemed just happened yesterday. A nice memory call back for me. Hehe..

Mommy and daddy and our baby Kaylen :)

Mommy and daddy and our baby Kaylen 🙂





Happy 26th Week

Went to a prenatal check up on Friday, and we listened her heart beats.  Doctor said baby KK is doing very well.  Also, the results for the prenatal screen tests that I did in first trimester and early 2nd trimester were out.  Everything is normal and my results are far better than average.  I am very pleased to know about it as I’ve worried quite much along the pregnancy.  However, doctor ordered me to take the three hours Glucose Blood Test in coming week.  I’m scared again.  I had this test in first trimester, failed the first test and the one hour test.  But I finally passed the three hours test at that time.  Now I am in second trimester, I hope my sugar level has not elevated as I’ve been craving for sweets lately.  Hope I will pass this three hours Glucose test again.  

It’s Labor Day Long Weekend.  My friends from San Jose came to visit us in LA.  I’m so happy to see them again since last year.  When they came down last year, my girlfriend was pregnant with her first baby girl and she was born in Feb this year.  Now when they visit us this time, it’s my turn being pregnant and I’m having a baby girl too.  I wish she could move back to LA so our baby girls can play together and become good friends just like their mommies. 🙂 

Time flies, three days long weekend seem flashed away so quick.  We spent time with my family on Saturday and we brought our friends from San Jose around yesterday.  We ate, shopped and ate again.  I also fulfilled my sweet craving because I had milk tea, pineapple bun and taro snow ice with green tea latte.  It was so good.  But I tried not to intake too much sugar and caffeine, so I let hon drank most of the milk tea and latte.  As I am typing now, I wish I have a cup of hot green tea latte with me now. 😛

Baby KK has been active, especially in night time and the time after I woke up in the early morning.  I always rub around my big bump or just simply put my palms on the tummy.  I would lie down on the bed and close my eyes just to feel the baby kicks.  Baby KK feel me most of the time.  She would kick and move inside if I put my hands on the tummy.  I guess there’s a connection between mommy and baby through the touches though baby can’t see me.  I sometimes talk to her as well.

After seeing my friend’s baby girl pictures and video, both hon and I can’t wait to see our baby girl soon.  We can’t wait for another three months.  We want to hold our baby and see her innocent smiles.  But life will be changed a lot once baby arrived.  I should enjoy the pregnancy time well before welcome our baby girl on board.

But baby KK, we can’t wait to see you soon!! 😀

IMG_9645 IMG_9647


My morning breakfast: Puppy seed muffin, avocado and a jar of milk. :D

My morning breakfast: Puppy seed muffin, avocado and a jar of milk. 😀

My roasted chicken breast. Isn't it healthy?

My roasted chicken breast. Isn’t it healthy?

Another breakfast smoothie: avocado, banana, almond, walnut & milk.  Very nutritious for my baby Kaylen!!

Another breakfast smoothie: avocado, banana, almond, walnut & milk. Very nutritious for my baby Kaylen!!

Green Tea Latte, Less sweet.

Green Tea Latte, Less sweet.

My 25th Week of Pregnancy

It’s been a long week this week.  For some reason I felt very tired this week. I was tired at work and when I came back home, I just didn’t feel like doing anything.  I wanted to sleep a lot.  It’s quite different from past weeks.  I thought I should be more energetic by now.  I slept early on Thursday night but still feel tiring the next day.  But I know Baby Kaylen should be doing great because she’s been actively kicking her mommy.  I guess she got all the energy from me! 🙂

Last weekend I was craving for salad so we went to eat at souplantation.  I usually barely finish a big whole plate of salad because They got other good foods there too.  But this time, my first time eating here after pregnant, I could finished two plates of salad, plus three bowls of soup.  Not to mention I even had a hot fresh blue berry muffin and a piece of wheat bread with butter as dessert at the end.  Hon got shock about how much I could eat.  I told him my tummy still have room for more muffin if I want.  I wasn’t expect myself could handle such amount of foods at one shot either.  But I was satisfied.

My appetite this week is slightly different though I still crave for sweetness.  This time, I wanted to eat meat. I was craving for steak.  Well, since I became pregnant, I’ve been eating lots of veggie and fruit.  But not too much appetite eating meat at all.  However, all the sudden I wanted to eat meat.  But not just any meat, all I wanted was steak.  So we went to eat at Lucille’s near our house.  I had their New York steak with sweet potato fries.  Here comes the down side to eat steak during pregnancy – I can’t eat too rare.   Well, website says pregnant woman still can eat medium rare as long as the temperature is high enough.  But I had well done.  I guess this is the first time in my life having well done steak, for the sake of my baby Kaylen.  It wasn’t tasting as good as medium rare cooked, but my appetite was fulfilled and I was satisfied after all.  😛 After the steak, baby KK kicks nonstop all night long.  She must love the steak as well.

Only couple months away for the arrival of our little princess, we haven’t bought anything for Baby Kaylen yet.  But today we went to shop for big dresser for baby Kaylen.  We found the one we love and it definitely looks great in the bedroom.  As I am typing now, baby Kaylen keeps kicking a lot.  I love the feeling and enjoy so much.  I guess I will stop here and spend time to feel the baby kicks now. Hehe. 🙂

I love you Kaylen!

I love the photo frames behind me.  And my baby bump is huge. :)

I love the photo frames behind me. And my baby bump is huge. 🙂

The well done steak I had...hehe

The well done steak I had…hehe

Today after lunch at Pacific Fish Market, I was craving for ice green tea latte. So here it is. But I didn't finish all.  Hon helped me finished most of it.

Today after lunch at Pacific Fish Market, I was craving for ice green tea latte. So here it is. But I didn’t finish all. Hon helped me finished most of it.

I love this fresh sin flower I bought for home. Isn't it nice? Fresh flower at home makes the home more lively. :)

I love this fresh sun flower I bought for home. Isn’t it nice? Fresh flower at home makes the home more lively. 🙂